I write comedy, assure game quality, and don't want to build two websites.


I put together the first Madison Comedy Week with Cynthia Marie and Jake Snell. I hosted the first three years of Black Friday Comedy Marathon as part of Hey, We're Cool.I'm the head writer for the Staydream webseries, I've had a few scripts made by 1LightShort, and I've performed at New York and Philly sketchfests.I've also written for Disney Heroes: Battle Mode and Portal Quest. Both games have a weird sense of humor and more than a million downloads. I'm particularly proud of a dagger named "Freudian Tip." The description reads "When you say one thing, but stab your mother."You can see some of things I've written below.


I used to be a newspaper copy editor. I stumbled into Quality Assurance at Shenandoah Studio and quickly discovered that the job was similar: Make sure that what gets put out is as error free as possible while understanding that time exists and is not your friend.As the only QA person at Shenandoah Studio, I helped ship three award-winning iPad games in two years. At Filament Games, I learned to write a test plans, led testing on three educational games, and assisted with a half-dozen more. They were very small games.Then I joined PerBlue where I helped build and lead a QA team that worked on Dragon Soul, Portal Quest and Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. After a few years, I moved to California and managed a team of testers and analysts for the MMO on bikes that is Zwift. Now I lead a team of testers and advocate for quality for Riot Games on their mobile MOBA, Wild Rift.