I write comedy, assure game quality, and don't want to build two websites.


I put together the first Madison Comedy Week with Cynthia Marie and Jake Snell. I hosted the first three years of Black Friday Comedy Marathon as part of Hey, We're Cool.

I'm the head writer for the Staydream webseries, I've had a few scripts made by 1LightShort, and I've performed at New York and Philly sketchfests.

I've also written for Disney Heroes: Battle Mode and Portal Quest. Both games have a weird sense of humor and more than a million downloads. I'm particularly proud of a dagger named "Freudian Tip." The description reads "When you say one thing, but stab your mother."

You can see some of the things I've written below. The clown will show you the closest thing I have to a reel.


I used to be a newspaper copy editor. I stumbled into Quality Assurance at Shenandoah Studio and quickly discovered that the job was very similar: Make sure that what gets put out is as error free as possible while understanding that time exists and is not your friend.

As the only QA person at Shenandoah Studio, I helped ship three award-winning iPad games in two years. I lead three projects at Filament Games and assisted with a half-dozen more.

For the past four years, I've been protecting players from bugs at PerBlue while working on games like Dragon Soul, Portal Quest and Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. And I've been teaching the newer QA people how to do the same.